About Brucy


This blog is all about the life of Brucy (one crazy & snobbish cat) in Paris.

* Just to clarify things – Brucy, despite the misleading name, is a girl-cat. My ex is a passionate fan of Bruce Spingsteen and when we were getting a cat, his only condition was that the cat’s name must be “Bruce”. Since our kitten was a girl “Bruce” became “Brucy”. Sorry for the confusion 🙂

So, on this blog we will post our reviews of cat products, fun cat stuff and just general stories on cat life in Paris! We will also talk about feline asthma, as Brucy has been diagnosed with asthma last year …But we are staying strong and positive!

Feel free to present yourself by leaving us a comment below!


  1. Isn’t Brucy just adorable? I love tiger cats. Right now we have an orange cat and a black cat, but I really miss our tigers we had in the past. There is something just especially cute about them. Glad you clarified she’s a girl, I would have assumed she was a boy also. It’s a cute name!

  2. Hi B. i’m Jimmie Chew (i chew shoes 🙂 i live with two brothers Fin and Darnel, my mom just found a cat that looks JUST like you, we named her Twiggy cause she was so skinny like a twig, she had a little kitten with her so we took her too, named her Poopet (she went to the bathroom allot)
    maybe they are french too, they look just like you. you can see pics of them on my blog.
    nice to meet you.
    Jimmie 🙂

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