Month: July 2013

NEWS FLASH: Grumppuccino is out!


Grumpy cat never fails to amaze us!! Lastest news, he is even launching its own coffee line called : Grumppuccino! “It’s awfully good”, says our unhappy, furry friend! Follow Grumpy Cat on Twitter to get a 10% off promocode for the pre-sale!


Strange Facts About Cats


I came across this fun infographic on cats today – full of interesting facts, I bet, you didn’ know about our favorite furry friends! For example, did you know that cats take between 20 and 40 breaths every minute? Or that cats can’t see under their noses, so they struggle to find food when it is right under their nose? So cool! What facts shocked you most? What other fun facts about cat do you know?

Friday Fashion Picks


Worn By, cat t-shirt – at ASOS, 29,16 €

Lucky Cat Toothbrush Holder – at Urban Outfitters, £12.00

Cat // Aware, iPhone case – at Society 6, $15.00

Tabby Cat Kigu, cat jumpsuit – at Urban Outfitters, £50.00

It’s sales time in France at the moment and it is terribly hard to resist the temptation of shopping every day!! But those cool finds and just too cat-cute to miss!

Cat over-population of New Zealand


I came across this fascinating article today about the Rangitikei District (North Island of New Zealand) trying to pass a petition to limit the number of allowed cats in the household to just three.

The reasoning behind is that there are too many homeless cats running around the streets, people have too many cats and do not get them neutered and spayed. The supporters say that there is a massive cat over-population and due to a high number of homeless cats, their children can’t play outside because of cat excrement everywhere.

However, many are against this proposal saying that the council can’t impose on people how many pets to have. What do you think about this? Is this too much or is the New Zealand council taking a right decision?

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Heat wave


It’s been exceptionally hot in Paris this last week. Brucy is really struggling, the poor thing, and passes most of the time on the balcony. I try to give her food only in the mornings, because I don’t want it to overheat and change her water 3 times a day.

Her favourite spot at the moment is on out mini-balcony next to my avocado tree. Yes, it is a real avocado tree that I planted from a seed 🙂

How is your furry pet handling the heat? What are your tips for handling this hot summer?

Amazing cat bag!


I love love love this awesome cat clutch!! How stylish is that? Found it on Choies and I must get it! And it’s only $41.99 😉

What are your thoughts? I think it is a cat-lady-must-have!