Month: August 2013

Because we love Maru

Maru is definitely one of my favourite Youtube cats. If you haven’t heard about Maru, you must be living on a different planet! Maru (“circle” in Japanese) is an adorable, male Scottish Fold cat who is a true Youtube star. He is most famous for his cute videos of him running into an empty yogurt box and as he is a bit chubby, he then gets stuck in the box!

In 2013, his videos on Youtube were viewed over 200 million times! Maru even has his own Wikipedia page and a book about Maru was released in 2009, titled “I am Maru” !

Who is your favourite Youtube cat?

Cat-lady’s kitchen shopping


One of the online stores I absolutely love is Modcloth. I love it for its retro, vintage style and originality. I recently discovered that they also do home ware objects and some of them are cat inspired! What do you think of this selection? I think it is a kitchen must-have!

Fridge magnets for $10.99

Adorable measuring cups for $34.99

Kitchen towel for $14.99

Cat mug for $19.99

Brucy is becoming a hipster


I think Brucy may have just crossed the line in silliness!! You will never guess what she did this time! When I was turning on the gas stove, this kitten decided to put her face in the flame! So obviously her whiskers got burnt and curled in the ends! Now, Brucy looks like Hamilton – the hipster cat!

Did your cat ever do anything similarly silly?

If cats could have a job..


I was at work today and came across this image about cats. I think it really shows how similar cats are to human being 😉

I mean, what could a dog ever be??  A footballer player – running aimlessly after a ball?

And I think Brucy was definitely a ninja in her previous life!

How to take a purrrrfect picture


I don’t know about you but I love taking pictures of Brucy (I think I easily have 10K+..). But taking a good photo can be a stuggle! I love this infographic because it is packed with great advises on how to take a perfect picture of your furry friend!

Photo source:

Want to make your cat happy? Buy her a tunnel!

Sans titre

Brucy got a new present (spoilt cat..). It’s a new tunnel! Out of all the toys she has, balls, feather, catnip etc.. tunnels are definitely her favourites! She loves running into them, making maximum noise possible or hiding in them and running out to attack my feet..

We vote tunnels as the best cat-toys! Do you agree? What’s your cat’s favourite toy?

Back to school cat-fashion


I don’t know how it is in the U.S. but in Europe everyone has just gone fashion-cat-crazy. Every store is filled with cat-print tops, dresses, bags etc.. it’s amazing! So here is our latest “back to school” cat selection:

Cat Notebook from Modcloth for $9.99

Hype Cat Sweatshirt from ASOS for €52.05

Cat top from H&M for €17.95

Men Ninja Cat top from ASOS for €15.62

In love with a green carpet

DSC_0682 (1)2

Brucy is in love with a green sheepskin carpet.

Let me explain. My mother, like all mothers I imagine, loves sending me gifts. Unfortunately, a vast majority of them (clothing of awful colours, sizes and materials, purple vases, bizarre pillow cases) end up hidden away and only get pulled out when she comes to visit. Last week, I got a 6 kg. package. When I unboxed it, I discovered a huge sheepskin carpet. The only problem is that it’s beige-green. A note from my mother clarified things : she knew we were looking for a carpet, so she decided to send me the carpet from her living room that because of humidity turned green. So, as I was in need of a carpet, I ended up putting the green thing in our living room.

Good news – Brucy loves it! She spends hours rolling around on it and occasionally fighting with this green furry monster!

Well at least she is happy

The fight of cat litters


I decided to try with Brucy a new type of cat litter. As you may know already, we are big fans of Catsan. It is a non-clumping litter made from clay minerals. The clay absorbs all odours but you need to change the litter, on average, every 2 weeks.

But nowadays, everybody is using silica gel litter, so we decided to give it a go, too. Silica gel litter is composed of granular crystals that absorb odour for a longer period of time compared to other cat litters. So even though the silica gel littler costs more than non-clumping litter, it is normally meant to last an entire month.

We decided to give silica gel litter a try and I was disappointed. Already after a few days of use, the bottom layer of the litter turned yellow/brown and started smelling. Once I tried to throw out the yellow smelly crystals, there really wasn’t much left in the litter box, as you must use the entire packet of litter every time..So we weren’t too impressed by silica get litter and we decided to stay loyal to Catsan.

What are your litter preferences?

X-ray confusion


We had a very bizarre visit to the vet today with Brucy. As you know, she has been dignosed with asthma, so we did a few weeks of medication but she continued coughing. We decided to do a lung x-ray just to double check that everything is ok. So, from the x-ray, the vet concluded that her lungs do look inflamed and advised for us to continue medication.

However, the vet also was shocked to see how rounded her spine is (the curve on the left hand-side). She said that it is abnormal but that Brucy was probably born like that. When I came home, I stated looking up sample cat x-rays and I was surprised to see that all cats’ vertebral columns have a similar curve. Maybe not as extreme as in Brucy’s case, but there definitely is a curve.

So was our vet wrong? Is it normal to have a curve like that? Have your cats had x-rays?