Month: May 2013

#TGIF cat shopping!



1. Mayan Laser “Caturday” red tote bag –from Etsy, €11.77

2. White Cats Print T-shirt – from SheInside, $23.11

3. “Evil Kitty Kat” tshirt – from SharpShirter, $24.00

4. mostlikely “DIY Shade Cat” – from FAB, €29.00

It’s finally Friday and that means many of you are getting ready for some weekend-shopping. We have selected for you some of the newest cat-inspired-must-haves to give you some shopping ideas!

I especially love the DIY cat lamp! You receive a paper print model that, following some easy gluing and folding, becomes this stunning lampshade!  Happy weekend everyone 🙂


Pei-pod, cat bed, review!


I am a bit behind in cat-interior-world-inventions, so I only now discovered those beautiful egg shaped cat beds from Pei Pods. What I love about Pei Pods is their stylish and sleek design that helps them fit in perfectly into a retro, modern or classic interior design. What is also nice is that Pei Pods are available in a large range of pastel colours and in different sizes! On the Pei Pod website you can even personalize your pod, selecting the colour of the pod (lime gree, pink, neutral) and the pillow (Yellow w/ White Polka Dots, Pink with White Polka Dots).

It is a bit of a shame that you can’t seem to be able to purchase the pods directly on their website.. so unfortunately, if you want to treat your cat to a Pei Pod – you would need to find it at a reseller’s store!

What do you think about pei pods?

How to make cat sushi!


Source :

Today’s post is dedicated to incredible cat-shaped sushi recipes that I found on a stunning blog Tiny Urban Kitchen.

I was blown away by those fun sushi, onigiri (rice balls) and rice recipes made by Jen, that I had to share! On her blog, she not only lists all the ingredients but also has step-by-step cooking tutorials!  Amazing blog with amazing pictures – you must have a look 🙂

The amazing cat belt!


I think this cat belt might be one of the best cat-related inventions ever ! Now you can get up even if your cat is sleeping on your lap! Also, a convenient way to transport your cat? Would you buy it?

Why do cats purr?


Today’s post is all about purring. Cats often purr when they are being petted, when eating or when they are generally relaxed. Unfortunately, Brucy doesn’t purr often – she purrs only when she knows she will get chicken or when she is lying on the radiator.

How does it actually happen? Animals produce the purring sound by using their vocal cords and larynx muscles to dilate/constrict the glottis, causing air vibrations. As a result, the air inhalation and exhalation, produces the purring noise.

Interestingly enough, cats are not the only animals that purr.

According to Wikipedia (yes, I know, not the most reliable source), “viverrids (civet, mongoose, genet), bears, badgers, hyaenas, rabbits, squirrels, elephants” and lemurs also purr while eating.

Speaking of squirrels, you must watch this adorable video about a squirrel that grew up with cats and as a result learned to purr and thinks it’s a cat! Too adorable!

Where should your cat sleep?


“Where should my cat sleep? Should my cat sleep in my bed? What if I’ll squash her at night? My cat doesn’t sleep at night, what should I do?”

Ahhh, all those questions that all cat owners ask themselves at one point or another!

When I first got Brucy, I wasn’t sure where she should sleep. Before going to bed, I left her kitten bed next to my bed, but as it was a cold winter night, she much preferred getting under the blanket and sleeping on my feet.

Cats love human heat and if your cat likes sleeping with you – no worries, it’s perfectly normal (and healthy as long as you are not allergic). According to a recent survey of pet owners by the American Pet Products Association, “62% of cats sleep with their adult owners, and another 13% of cats sleep with children”. PetPlace claims that 38 % of cats who sleep on the bed, sleep on the pillow with the owner, and apparently, younger cats prefer the pillow, while older cats prefer to sleep at the foot of the bed.

But what to do if your cat disturbs you at night because she wants to play, scratch or run around? Cats are night animals so it is normal that they are sometimes active at night. To get your cat to sleep at night, there are a few things you can do:

  • Play with your cat for an hour before bed time – this will exhaust her and you are more likely to have a quite night
  • Try giving her less food in the afternoon and more food in the evening – after a cat eats, they normally like to sleep
  • Cats like routines, so try going to bed at a similar time every night

If your cat refuses to sleep or scratches you at night, consider keeping your cat outside your bedroom and proving many toys for her to play with.

If your cat decided to sleep under your blanket, you might ask yourself whether this is safe for your cat and whether there is enough oxygen. Cats have smaller lungs than humans and need significantly lower amounts of oxygen. Furthermore, cats have an extremely high self-preservation instinct, so don’t worry – your cat knows what she is doing!

Some cats love playing when they wake up. You can train your cat to stay quiet when she awakens, by saying a firm “no” when she starts scratching, taking her out of the room or by giving her breakfast.

Does your cat sleep with you? Let us know!

Cat-inspired home


1. Sanderson’s « Omega Cats » wallpaper – Jown Lewis, £41.00

2. Ibrine “Irina Visconti” tray –, £66.50

3. The Affair’s “Behemoth The Cat Bulgakov” art print –, £19.90

4. Alphabet bag’s “The Cat’s Pyjamas” tote bag –, £13.00

Let’s be honest – we all love cats and love clothes, accessories and home ware items with cats on them. Luckily for us, it is possible to find cat-inspired home décor items that are also contemporary and cool (and do not shout “crazy cat lady”). I decided to give you a selection of my latest home “must-haves” that would allow you to integrate discretely (*cough*) your passion-for-cats into your home interior.

I especially love the limited edition “Master and Margarita” art print from a new London printing brand, The Affair. This stunning print is dedicated to one the most memorable characters from this novel – Begemoth, the cat. A must-have for a cat and/or literature lover!

Back in the days when Brucy was a cute kitten…

“It is a very inconvenient habit of kittens (Alice had once made the remark) that whatever you say to them, they always purr.”  ― Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There

“It is a very inconvenient habit of kittens that whatever you say to them, they always purr.”
― Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There

I decided to dedicate today’s post to the time when Brucy was only a small kitten. Brucy’s mommy is a common French race – Chartreux (similar to British Shorthair), known for their calm and quiet character. You may have already realized from reading about Brucy that “calm and quiet” is the exact opposite of her character. So I believe that her wildness comes from her father (unknown), who was a European race.


Brucy joined our family at the age of 3 months. She knew how to use the toilet already, but struggled with eating dry food. After a few days of adaptation and mixing dry and wet food with tuna juice – she started eating well and gaining weight. Small tip: if your cat refuses to eat (because of stress, new food..) try starting with wet food at room temperature (it smells stronger) with bits of tuna or chicken. Don’t forget that until your cat is sterilized, he/she is considered a kitten and must eat appropriate food. Kitten food has a lot more calories and vitamins essential for his/her development and growth. Brucy’s favorites included: Almo Nature, Royal Canin Kitten Instinctive, Science Plan Hill’s Feline Kitten.

From day one, Brucy showed her “wild” character, destroying books, plants, wires, eating all the food accidently left lying around and drinking water from the tap. So do not be fooled by her cute and adorable looks – “trouble” is her middle name 😉

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