Month: June 2013

Cat-Interview time!

cody blanket june 2013

I decided to start something new on my blog – the cat-interview section! Basically, those will be fun posts where we ask our cat-friends funny questions and share their answers! Our first honorary guest is Cody – from Cat Chat.

We asked:

Describe yourself in 4 words:

“Friendly, loving, cuddly, fearless”

What animal would you want to be in another life?

“Well, first, why would I EVER want to be anything OTHER than a CAT? I have nine lives so I don’t really want to think of being anything OTHER than a CAT!”

Sleeping on the bed or under the blanket?

“Under the blanket”

Chicken or tuna?

“Neither…RABBIT….I have allergies, but, that being said, the vet thinks they might be environmental allergies and if that is the case, bring on the CHICKEN!!”

What’s your favorite cat-quote?

“The one that is on my blog: “Always speak of the past, gratefully, of the future, excitedly, and of the present with bobbing eyebrows and a Cheshire grin” -The Universe”

If you could be any celebrity cat, who would you be?

“Grumpy Cat of course, he keeps it real, no sweetie, sweetie behavior and I like that! Plus, that guy is making the BIG BUCKS and I have looked “grumpy” due to have an “unusual” mouth for furever. Guess ya gotta be in the right place at the right time :)”

 What makes you purr?

“When my Mom and I “hold paws” when we watch TV”

Awww how cute are they?? Thank you so much Cody and Caren for bein the first Cat-interview participants! Would you like to be next? Let us know!!  And happy weekend everyone!

Thank you Caren and Cody!


Something absolutely unexpected and amazing happened yesterday : Brucy and I won a competition!! Unexpected – because we never, and I mean, NEVER, win anything! Hence when we participated in the competition organised by our friend Caren at Cat Chat, this was more to support her than to actually hope to win. Surprisingly – we did! So once again, a huge thank you to Caren & Cody and dont’ forget to check out their amazing blog here!

Poodle cats!


Have you guys heard of poodle cats? Poodle cats were first bread in 1987 as a result of a genetic mutation. Today, there are up to 4 breeds of poodle cats, all known for their beautiful curly fur. Selkirk Rex is one of the latest poodle cats’ breeds – especially curly and cute 🙂 I find poodle cats quite adorable, what do you think? Check out this fun video on Selkirk Rex!



Is there anything cuter in the world than cat paws? I don’t think so. I am sure you will love this Tumblr, that collects cat-paw-scans from all around the web! Cuteness!



This was a difficult weekend for us because Brucy was diagnosed with asthma. She has been having coughing attacks and trouble breathing, and at first I thought it is just an ordinary hairball. But as she kept coughing, I decided to take her to the vet. Luckily, I recorded a video of Brucy coughing so it was easier for the vet to diagnose her accurately. Brucy was put on a 6 day medication course that is learnt to ease her asthma attack.

Like in humans, asthma in cats is provoked by allergens (such as tobacco smoke, pollen, sprays) leading to respiration problems and coughing. During an asthma attack, the cat sits with her shoulders hunched with her mouth open, straining to breathe. Brucy’s asthma attacks last around 4 minutes and it is very frightening to watch. We have started medication yesterday and so far she didn’t have another attack. According to our vet, asthma attacks are quite unpredictable and the medication depends on the frequency of attacks.

At the moment, Brucy is ok and active like always. This is all a bit scary but we will get thought this! Have you heard about cats’ asthma?


Simply awful

I know my blog is meant to be all about cats and only cats, but I saw this today and I was just so shocked that I had to share. The photos above were taken by a photographer Ren Netherland at various creative dog grooming competitions. Yes, apparently those are legal competitions where dogs get fur-dyed and shaved to look like different cartoon characters. I think this is just awful and must be stopped! What are your thoughts?

Mad about boxes

PicsArt_1371674089360 (1)


Brucy, like all cats, is mad about boxes. Big, small, cardboard, plastic… she loves them all and whatever their size, will do everything to squeeze herself inside. I decided to share this fun little box-cartoon with you that sums up the cats’ passion for boxes! What do you think? Does your cat love boxes too? 🙂