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Awful experiments on cats at the University of Cambridge


Daily Mail published a horrific article today claiming that top UK Universities (including Cambridge) perform brain experiments on kittens. According to the article, the cats are regularly put thought horrific tests with their skulls broken and ­electrodes stuck onto their brains, ribs and spine. Those experiments are meant to help scientists find out more about problems such as the “lazy eye”.

During the experiments, the cats are paralyzed to stop them from moving and are killed following the tests. I don’t know how accurate the article is (it is Daily Mail in the end of the day), but if at least a bit of this is true, it is really awful and the Universities should be ashamed for such tests.

Images ae provided by PETA who are launching petitions to stop the testing!


Simply awful

I know my blog is meant to be all about cats and only cats, but I saw this today and I was just so shocked that I had to share. The photos above were taken by a photographer Ren Netherland at various creative dog grooming competitions. Yes, apparently those are legal competitions where dogs get fur-dyed and shaved to look like different cartoon characters. I think this is just awful and must be stopped! What are your thoughts?