Brucy is getting old!


I know that many of your have been following Brucy’s hair loss story. As I said, this weekend, we went to the vet to find out why she has been significantly losing hair in the area between her eyes and ears. The vet checked her fur, skin, ears and you will never guess what her conclusion was! Almost immediately the vet said that Brucy is losing hair because of her age! She said that although hair loss can be a dangerous sign, when cats lose hair between their ears and eyes and there is no skin irritation (Brucy’s case), this is most certainly just a genetic, aging thing!

As you know Brucy is only 2.5 years old, so I was surprised to hear this.. but this is better than some scary diagnoses I read about online! The vet suggested giving her some vitamins but she said that they, like in humans, do not guarantee that any will change. So, I just got some anti-ticks treatments for her (just in case) and some more cortisone for her asthma.

So all is good and thank you for your support!!



  1. So happy Brucy is alright…..interesting…… if Sam’s vet had said that about any hair loss he might be having I’d believe the age thing (he’s 14) but Brucy’s a mere BABE! Bless her – I’m just glad she’s OK!


  2. There are genetic things animals and we humans do inherit that may seem strange due to our age ie: baldness or thinning of hair can occur even in young humans in their late teens/early twenties, and grey hair. My grandfather’s hair began turning grey in his early twenties and he was fully grey by age 30. My older brother is the only one to inherit this gene from him, it having skipped a generation and my brother being one of nine grandchildren- he too was fully grey by age 30. I’m glad Brucy will be okay, I was worried after reading about what may be possible causes.
    Although vitamins are no guarantee Brucy will regrow her hair back, I do think you should consider still giving her some. Being she has asthma keeping her immune system strong is especially important so she does not develop worse respiratory issues. There are many options available in various forms: pills, capsules that make it easy to mix in canned food, liquid, and treats. If Brucy will take medications fine in a little canned food then crushing a vitamin and adding it or the liquid form dose daily shouldn’t be too hard. If she is a cat treat lover, this is often an easy way to get kitties to get vitamins. She is still a young ladycat but it is never too early to start a good nutritional diet and vitamin regimen to help keep our fur kids as healthy as they do grow older. Studies do show that cats who eat a grain free/natural/no by-products diet, get regular vet check ups, dental care, vaccinations, are spayed/neutered, maintain a healthy weight and consume supplements live longer and develop less health issues/risks with age. It can only help Brucy feel and age gracefully, so is maybe worth a try. Just sayin’.
    I adore the sassy and lovely girlcat, she often reminds me of my angel Phoebe. 💜🌷🌸🎀

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