Tuesday Brucy-news!


I feel like I haven’t been giving you enough of Brucy-news so here a few stunning photos of my fur ball! She is doing great and haven’t been coughing recently as the pollution is currently lower in Paris. She continues to be naughty, trying to bite into my feet every time I stand up, but I am used to her silliness.

We are looking for cat toy ideas! It feels like she has everything – balls, mice, tunnels, cat senses, claw sharpeners and yet she doesn’t play that much with those. Any suggestions for great toys would be appreciated!




Happy Birthday Brucy!


My little girl is turning 2 years old today! It seems like only yesterday this little kitten entered my life and since then has been filling it with so much happiness, purring and cuddles! Obviously there was also a lot of plants-cables-sofas destruction, but despite all her naughtiness, Brucy is adorable and I love her to bits! Happy birthday my little fur ball!