Tuesday Brucy-news!


I feel like I haven’t been giving you enough of Brucy-news so here a few stunning photos of my fur ball! She is doing great and haven’t been coughing recently as the pollution is currently lower in Paris. She continues to be naughty, trying to bite into my feet every time I stand up, but I am used to her silliness.

We are looking for cat toy ideas! It feels like she has everything – balls, mice, tunnels, cat senses, claw sharpeners and yet she doesn’t play that much with those. Any suggestions for great toys would be appreciated!




Boxes vs plastic cases


So we all know how much cats love boxes – whatever the size and shape, boxes are a cat’s favourite toy.

But yesterday, Brucy discovered a new obsession – a plastic case from a blanket! She spent hours sleeping in it (one side of it open, so she can breathe), playing and keeping an eye on what’s happening.

I found it rather unusual, because cats love boxes for the sense of security, as they think that no one can see them. So what attracted Brucy to this plastic case?? Do you think she still sees it as a hiding place? Any ideas?


Catit Senses Circuit #2: Brucy’s early birthday present..


As you all know Brucy’s birthday is coming up and I couldn’t resist spoiling this furball, so I bought her a new Catit Senses Circuit. She already had one, so I thought getting her the long version with an illuminated ball would make her even happier. Yesterday, we’ve spent quite some time putting it all together and as a result, we constructed a 2 meter long circuit with two balls! I think Brucy was a bit scared of the illuminated ball(that cleverly lights up only when you touch it), but she quite enjoyed it in the end 🙂

Do you have Catit Senses Circuits? What’s your opinion on them?

Guess her favourite!


I love going a bit shopping crazy when I shop for Brucy but I rarely get it right! This weekend we went to the Animal Show and I bought Brucy loads of presents – but guess what toy she liked the most?

I picked a few sticks with furry feathers on the end and bells, a small mouse with a bell inside, a grass wheel with more feathers and a very smelly mouse stuffed with catnip.

Your guess? Brucy loved the tiny mouse most! It’s been 3 days that she throws the little mouse around the apartment and despite losing all of its resemblance to a mouse- it still stays her favourite toy! What are your cat’s favourite toys? And does anyone’s cat actually like catnip as I think it just stinks horribly!