Tuesday Brucy-news!


I feel like I haven’t been giving you enough of Brucy-news so here a few stunning photos of my fur ball! She is doing great and haven’t been coughing recently as the pollution is currently lower in Paris. She continues to be naughty, trying to bite into my feet every time I stand up, but I am used to her silliness.

We are looking for cat toy ideas! It feels like she has everything – balls, mice, tunnels, cat senses, claw sharpeners and yet she doesn’t play that much with those. Any suggestions for great toys would be appreciated!




Is teaching your cat to use the toilet a good idea?


I have a lot of my friends who have decided to teach their cats to use the human toilet. Yes, I understand that cat litter can smell, can go everywhere in the house and does cost a bit.

But teaching your cat to use the toilet? Is this really possibly and is it ok for the cat??

Some websites provide a lot of guidance on the subject, like this wiki, and I won’t lie – it all looks smooth and easy.  The idea is to move the litter box as close as possible to the seat and then replace the litter box with a “training box” on the toilet seat. I like the list of warning they include in the end, such as:

  • “Don’t force your cat, or it won’t learn.
  • Never ever EVER push your cat into the toilet because he or she will hate you!
  • Always, always, always wait until the cat is comfortable with a setup before changing it. Go slow. If you rush the cat, this will not work, and you are more likely to have accidents. Don’t ever try to force a cat to do anything that it does not want to do. For example, you should never have to pick up the cat and put it in the litter box or on the “training box”. If you must show or force a cat to do something, you’ve moved too quickly from one stage to the next. Go back to square one.” 

My friends who try to teach their cat also add that their cat didn’t appreciate the change and now goes to the toilet everywhere in the house.. So is it worth it? Have you tried teaching your cat this? I am a bit too scared to try and not sure it’s worth it! Your thoughts?

Best bed for a cat … is a sink!


Brucy decided to ignore the numerous expensive baskets, beds and blankets I got for her, now choosing our bathroom sink as her favourite sleeping/chilling place! I guess she likes that it warm up after the hot water, and that she is in the centre of action in the morning, watching me get ready in the morning.. Whatever the reason – the sink is her new favourite place! What odd places does you cat love?


ImageThis will be the first blog post dedicated to the life of cat called Brucy, a unique cat born and raised in Paris, France.

One thing you need to know about Brucy is that she is completely and utterly mad. If she is not running around like crazy, jumping on walls, she is probably busy destroying books, plants or finishing any food you accidently left lying around.

Brucy was born on November 17, 2011, in Paris, France and joined my family at a humble age of 3 months. We hesitated with the name. It was a tough call between “Trouble” and “Sausage”. Finally, as my boyfriend (at the time) is a mad fan of Bruce Springsteen, he made the call, naming our new family member Brucy (“Bruce” with a feminine touch ;)). Ever since, Brucy and I have moved several apartments, travelled a bit, accumulated more cat toys but still settled down in Paris.

I decided to start this blog for a few reasons :

– To share with you tips and tricks I have learned about cats while living with Brucy

– To share with you our opinions on cat products (as I am a marketing victim, I buy ALL news products that come out for cats)

– And just to complain about all the naughty things Brucy does (destroys, eats, scratches etc..).

So hopefully you will enjoy our Paris cat blog and feel free to introduce yourself too!