‘Real’ men eat quiche! Or at least have cats


A little Friday treat for all you cat-lovers out there – a blog that collects photos of “hot” (sometimes) guys with cats. The men are not always amazing, but the cats are always beyond cute! Good news – you can easily submit photos, so if you have photos of yourself (if you are a man-cat-lover) or of your other half, send it in!!

So visit HOT GUYS WITH CATS, or like the website says “These photos prove ‘real’ men eat quiche! Or at least have cats.”


Heat wave


It’s been exceptionally hot in Paris this last week. Brucy is really struggling, the poor thing, and passes most of the time on the balcony. I try to give her food only in the mornings, because I don’t want it to overheat and change her water 3 times a day.

Her favourite spot at the moment is on out mini-balcony next to my avocado tree. Yes, it is a real avocado tree that I planted from a seed 🙂

How is your furry pet handling the heat? What are your tips for handling this hot summer?

mmmm George ;)

mmmm George ;)

Just because it is Friday and we all need a treat 😉
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