‘Real’ men eat quiche! Or at least have cats


A little Friday treat for all you cat-lovers out there – a blog that collects photos of “hot” (sometimes) guys with cats. The men are not always amazing, but the cats are always beyond cute! Good news – you can easily submit photos, so if you have photos of yourself (if you are a man-cat-lover) or of your other half, send it in!!

So visit HOT GUYS WITH CATS, or like the website says “These photos prove ‘real’ men eat quiche! Or at least have cats.”

Fabulous Friday cat-shopping!


It’s the end of the working week and everyone is thinking about the weekend! What will you be doing this weekend? I love shopping, so I know that I will be spending a large portion of my free time (and money)  shopping away! But the weather forecast is not looking amazing for the weekend ahead, so I might have to shop online.

For other shopaholics like myself – check out this online selection of fabulous cat things from Fab.com:

Modko designer cat litter box for 129€

Woop studios cat cotton print 76,25€

LoveThyBeast cat pyramid house for 22€

Leather cat-shaped desk organiser for 38€

How cats see the world


One of my work collegues, who is a huge fan of Spynx cats, sent me a link to this amazing article : What do cats see?

The article is packed with fascinating facts about cats’ vision, for ex. that cats have a visual field of 200° degress (compared to 180° of humans’). Cats also see everything in a bit of a blurry way, because of the short peripheral vision, and see better in the areas with lower light.

Great article- a must read!


Purrr-fect shopping


It’s been a while since I’ve done my “cat-lady-shopping” posts, so today, I’ve decided to give you a fresh new selection! I was browsing on Modcloth and came across those purrrr-fect things that every cat-lover must have! I am dying to get that dress…

The Devil Cat

Sorry for giving you non-stop YouTube updates, but I just couldn’t not post this one! This is a new hilarious video of a cat that climbed in one woman’s kitchen (attracted by the smell of cookies, apparently) and when the lady tried to kick out the uninvited guest, the cat kept saying “go away”!

I just can’t believe how clearly the cat says the phrase!! The video does end a bit sad with the cat trying to climb out of the window in panic (probably scared by the mess in the kitchen..), but it is still remarkable!

Happy Friday everyone!

Sunday pigeon hunt


What I love about Sundays is getting to spend a lot of time with Brucy and learning how she passes hers usual days. During the week, as I work a lot, I only get to see her in the morning and evenings, when she is all hyper excited and is running around. But on Sundays, we actually get to spend an entire day together!

As I discover, most of the day Brucy either sleeps or watches the pigeons. I think I told you this before, that Paris is the city of pigeons – they are actually everywhere and Parisians often refer to them as the “flying rats”. Brucy, however, loves them. As we have 4 balconies, she spends a good part of her day just hypnotising the pigeons sitting near-by and probably dreaming about eating one…

What does your cat do on Sundays? Happy weekend everyone!

Most heart-breaking kitten video you will ever see

I will not lie, I am quite a sensitive person. So saying that this video made me cry, might not seem as such a big deal. But judging from the comments of the 4M people who watched this video in 2 days – I was not the only one sobbing away!

This video is a recording of firemen, coming into a house after a fire and finding a tiny kitten on the floor. One of the fireman, decides to pick up the motionless kitten and takes it out, giving it oxygen and water. Miraculously, thanks to this fireman, the little kitten survives.  I think this heartbreaking video really shows that every life is special and precious.

What did you think?

Cat weekend fashion


What really annoys me is that are about a million websites that specialise in clothing for dogs, but there are just a few that do cat fashion. This week I did a post on a fashion line that does clothing for Spynx cats, and today I wanted to bring you some more cat-fashion! Pet co is one of the websites that doesn’t forget about cats and proposes a nice selection of fun costumes, like the ones on the photo above! I think Brucy would look splendid in the sushi outfit. The only problem is that she hates putting things on… Do you dress you cat? Share your cute photos! Happy weekend everyone!

Cat that uses Skype!


Today we have a very special post about a very special cat. Her name is Katty Hernandez and her owner is one of my work colleagues.

Now, you may ask yourself – what is so special about this cat except for her lovely furriness? Are you ready? She knows how to use Skype. Yes, Katty Hernandez is a true technology expert! Every time her owners leave on vacation – they keep their computer on with Skype turned on as well. Her owners program Skype on “auto-respond” (so once someone calls, the call is automatically replied) so once they call, they are connected straight away to their kitty. And then they call Katty and she comes to the computer and “meaws” with her owners!! How cool is that? Katty also has a Facebook page – so feel free to add her as a friend and have a look at all the countries she visited!