Cats of the New York City!


And we are back from New York! Terribly jet-lacked, with bags full of chocolate and shopping, and dying to see little Brucy who stayed with friends, yesterday we got back to Paris from our US holiday.

Needless to say that we found NY amazing. We were lucky to stay in East Village, next to Parsons Design Schoo and NYU – an area full of students, small, unique coffee shops, that reminded me a lot of London. We also visited the Times Square, Brooklyn, Greenwich, Soho and Chelsea – all amazing parts of Manhattan, each unique in its own way. In every part of New York we came across many cat references – in t-shirts, graffitis, books and art plays and here are a few in these photos!

Brucy was delighted to see us and get back home – I never heard her purr so much! So in summary, these very really purrrfect holidays!



“Shop till you drop” or what Brucy thought about the Paris Fashion Week


As you know, Brucy is quite a fashionista and obviously we couldn’t miss the fashion event of the year – the Paris Fashion Week: Chanel Fall/Winter 2014 Collection. This year, Karl Lagerfeld shocked everyone when he transformed the Grand Palais into a supermarket, filling it with supermarket aisles! The models started the show casually walking down the aisles with groceries (that included cat food)! The show also included some celebrity – models like Rihanna and Cara Delevingne.  

We loved the collection for its cool, urban vibe- loads of knits, leggins and sneakers! Go Karl! 


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The secret life of a cat: find out what your cat does when you are not around!


Sorry for not giving you any Brucy news for such a long time – I was away in London for a few days for work! As I love English TV so much, yesterday morning, I couldn’t resist watching some English shows. I came across a fascinating program on BBC about cats.

The experiment was to see what cats do when their owners are not around. A group of researchers attached very light micro-cameras with GPS tracking devices to the collars of different cats in Surrey, UK and studied their movements for a few weeks. The maps of their routes from a 24-hour period were then mapped and compared. The map shows exactly when are where each cat went and what it did (played with a string, chased the birds etc.)

What’s also were interesting is that the collars were specially designed for each cat to make sure they are the right size and weight.

I think this is a fascinating experiment that shows how much the characters of the cats differ and how active they are during the day despite what we think!

Check out the maps and the video recordings of the cats’ movements here!

How to pick the right pet carrier for your cat!


A few weeks ago, I decided to get a new cat transport bag for Brucy. When I first got Brucy, I bought a basic, plastic cat carrier – you know, one of those uncomfortable, heavy but really robust bags?

But the lack of a shoulder strap made it really difficult to transport Brucy. She also managed to open the carrier by getting her paw through the entrance hole..

So one of the first things you should do when picking a carrier bag is to ask yourself what you will be using it for. If you need a bag to just take your cat sometimes to the vet and on short trips – look for a light bag with a shoulder strap. There are some very fashionable options available out there in pet shops, for all price ranges.

Make sure you pick a bag that is the right size for your cat – normally there is a weight guide on each bag type, but remember that your cat should have enough place to turn in the cage but not too much, as they don’t feel secure when there is too much place.

You should be more careful when picking a carrier if you travel a lot with your cat. Look for a more robust carrier with a removable, machine-washable, inner padding (so your cat is comfortable during long travels and the padding can be taken out to be washed in case of a toilet accident).

If you plan to transport your cat by plane, you must take into account plane cabin requirements (some airlines have bag size restrictions) and look for a bag with a short lead, as you are required to take your cat out when passing the security.

Things to take into account when picking a cat carrier:

–          Weight: find a right balance between a heavy, robust bag and a softer, lighter bag – it all depends on how often and where you plan to use it

–          Comfort: the bag should be comfortable for both your cat and yourself. Make sure there is a nice soft padding (or add a small blanket), no strange smells, a shoulder strap and a handle to help you carry it.

–          Security: avoid bags with a plastic “switch” lock, those can be easily opened! Look for bags with a zipper and from a strong material.

–          Price: a good bag costs around $80-$100; don’t try saving money on the safety of your kitten!

Following all those tips I picked the bag above for Brucy! Lovely balance between fashionable design, security and lightness! Brucy loves it!! What cat bag do you have?