Cats of the New York City!


And we are back from New York! Terribly jet-lacked, with bags full of chocolate and shopping, and dying to see little Brucy who stayed with friends, yesterday we got back to Paris from our US holiday.

Needless to say that we found NY amazing. We were lucky to stay in East Village, next to Parsons Design Schoo and NYU – an area full of students, small, unique coffee shops, that reminded me a lot of London. We also visited the Times Square, Brooklyn, Greenwich, Soho and Chelsea – all amazing parts of Manhattan, each unique in its own way. In every part of New York we came across many cat references – in t-shirts, graffitis, books and art plays and here are a few in these photos!

Brucy was delighted to see us and get back home – I never heard her purr so much! So in summary, these very really purrrfect holidays!



The Catastic MoMA selection

moma, art, cat, new york

I am very excited to be going to New York next month for the first time and one of my must-see-places is the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). I was browsing through their website, looking to reserve tickets, when I came across their amazing online art-inspired store. Being the shopaholic I am, I couldn’t not share some amazing cat things!

For example,  I love this stunning Cat Luggage Tag designed based on a Michael Hartfelder 2010 print for only $8.00. And how beautiful is this red-and-orange, fluid birds mobile designed by C. Saddle and K. Komagata? I think its vivid colours would make it a great addition to any room.  Finally, let’s not forget about our furry friends – this designer fish-pet-mat is just what your cat needs!

Amazing, just another reason to go 🙂

Don’t miss the L.A.-CAT event of the year!


If you live anywhere close to Los Angeles you simply can’t miss the Cat Art Show L.A.  It’s an amazing art show that presents the most original works of art that all feature cats. Organised for the first time, you will be able to see over 100 art works in different media by a huge variety of artists. Sounds like a puuurrrr-fect show, doesn’t it?

The Cat Art Show takes place from 26 Jan. until the 2 Feb.

Artists participating include: Tracey Emin, Ray Caesar, FAILE, CYRCLE, Gary Baseman, Marc Dennis, Tim Biskup, Anita Kunz, Luke Chueh, Sage Vaughn, Christian Furr, Steve Schapiro, Shepard Fairey and Frank Stefanko. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Stray Cat Alliance.

Check out their fun facebook page for examples of some works you can see at the show!

PS Big thanks to @Vikysia for the tip 🙂

Cat-inspired Christmas Shopping!


Ahh it’s time to make your wishlists pick those Christmas presents!! I would looove to have any of those amazing things; and what do you want to get this Christmas? Maybe a…:

Society6 cat print – $27.04

Modcloth Kitty purse – $39.99

Modcloth Herding Cats Photo Clips – $11.99

Forever 21 Cat Makue-up Bag – 6.90 euros

Sushi for your cat


I found a hilarious video on Refinery29 on how to make catviar – sushi for your cat!! Watch a celebrity chef Simon Rimmer make the perfect sushi for you cat with duck, chicken and caviar! Madness!

Cat purrr-art

Today I decided to do a tribute blog post to an amazing Russian blog – FatCatArt (because you probably don’t know it, but I’m Russian). It is a great fun blog that photoshops a fat cat (very adorable) into famous paintings! Sooo much fun 🙂 What is your favourite photo? Like our blog and follow by email!

Stunning cat nail art!



The weather is getting better and that means it’s time for those manicures and pedicures! We love those creative cat-nail-art designs and hope they will give you ideas for some feline-inspired nail art (starting from above)!



Cute, round cat faces on your nails is just what we need ! Found at Become Gorgeous

Stunning cat print art from an unknown artist found at Pinterest

Elaborate and unique cat-face-art from Chronically Unrefined

Cat-inspired home


1. Sanderson’s « Omega Cats » wallpaper – Jown Lewis, £41.00

2. Ibrine “Irina Visconti” tray –, £66.50

3. The Affair’s “Behemoth The Cat Bulgakov” art print –, £19.90

4. Alphabet bag’s “The Cat’s Pyjamas” tote bag –, £13.00

Let’s be honest – we all love cats and love clothes, accessories and home ware items with cats on them. Luckily for us, it is possible to find cat-inspired home décor items that are also contemporary and cool (and do not shout “crazy cat lady”). I decided to give you a selection of my latest home “must-haves” that would allow you to integrate discretely (*cough*) your passion-for-cats into your home interior.

I especially love the limited edition “Master and Margarita” art print from a new London printing brand, The Affair. This stunning print is dedicated to one the most memorable characters from this novel – Begemoth, the cat. A must-have for a cat and/or literature lover!

Cat-inspired art


1. Ron Mueck’s « Still Life » (Raw Chicken)

2. Robin Murphy’s « Couching cat »

3.  Laura Graves’ « Cats »

4. Jordan Carter’s « The Crazy Cat »

5. Anna Ryasnova’s « Sphynx cat »

Last week, I had the chance to visit the stunning exposition of Ron Mueck’s works. One of them included a giant chicken that hang upside down from the ceiling by a meat hook. It was spectacularly realistic and inspired me to do a post on art that our cats would like.

I love this selection of sculptures, art prints and cushions, all on a cat-inspired theme. One of my personal favorites – this remarkable handmade needle felted spynx cat, created by a Spanish arts designer Anna Ryasnova. All of her creations are hand made with the needle felting technique and made to order.