Cats just make everything better…


I know that it has been aaaaages since I gave you any news on Brucy and you will be happy to hear that she is doing well and is being naughty as always! To cheer you up on this Tuesday, I decided to introduce you to this lovely post  that collects together numerous photos of cats standing up. I mean, how cute are they?






Charenza – shoes for cats


I am sure you’ve heard about Sarenza, the online shoe shop? Well for April Fools they launched the CUTEST website “Charenza” (word-play, as “Chat” means “Cat” in French), branded as the website that sells shoes for cats!! They even have different shoe categories – like shoes for kittens!

Sadly, this is only an April Fools joke but otherwise it would have been so cute!!

How would you caption this photo?


I know that many of you bloggers love the “How would you caption this photo” posts. I never did one, but when I saw this cute photo on Catmoji, I just couldn’t resist. So are you ready for the bi question? How would you caption this photo? 😉

The Cat Herders

Everyone at works knows about my passion for cats. Thus, now, every time someone sees an article, photo or a video about cat, they send it to me. Today one of my colleagues shared this amazing video with me. This commercial was filmed in 2006 by EDS to show how versatile their company is by making a comparison to cowboys herding cats! I love how well this ad is filmed that makes it so memorable! Some information on the ad:

Agency: Fallon, Minneapolis
Creative director: David Lubars
Art director: Dean Hanson
Copywriter: Greg Hahn
Executive producer: Judy Brink
Agency producer: Marty Wetherall
Director: John O’Hagan @ Hungry Man
Producer JD Davison
CGI: Sight Effects
Post producer: Bob Wendt
Editor: Gordon Carey @ Film Core
Sound and music: Margarita Mix de Santa Monica
Chief engineer: Jimmy Hite
Music: Asche & Spencer

Your thoughts? 🙂

Most Funny Cats Fail Compilation!

To cheer everyone up this cold Thursday evening – I decided to share with you this amazing cat -fails compilation video! Impossible to watch these kittens without laughing!

Our first Pam & Sam award!!


If you don’t know about Sam & Pam’s Tuesday Teaser challenges – you must be living on another planet.  Brucy and I participated numerous times but they are always so hard, so we never won! This week, however, thanks to the power of Google – we managed to get it right! Moreover, we were the first ones! Which means, we get the honour to display this amazing Pam & Sam badge. We are really excited and don’t forget to participate in the game next week 😉

Dog people vs. cat people [infographic]


Hunch posted this hilarious inforgraphic recently that compares dog people to cat people. What I love about this infographic is that it goes beyond the usual “cat people are introverts and dog people are extroverts” rubbish and actually analyses survey data from 222, 651 pet owners.

This survey draws conclusions about dog/cat people with regards to demographics, personality, technology and even media! I found the technology conclusions especially accurate and funny: I am an Android user and a late-adopter 😉

What do you think about this infographic? Is it true about you?